Loving Life with… Melbourne Food!

Part 4 of our Melbourne trip… Makan!

I have so many scenery photos that I wanted to share that I decided that food photos have to separate haha. Actually, we didn’t really take many photos of our food. Hmm…

Drooling (as usual) over my food

Melbourne is really the home of cafes! Everywhere we went, there’s bound to be at least 3 cafes! We had to rely on TripAdvisor like all the time. Basically, I’ll search by top ranking cafes in our area and we’ll go to the nearest one to see if it’s opened.

Hey, it works!

The typical breakfast in any cafes is so huge that we’ll order a latte each and share the breakfast. Best part of the breakfast is the huge serving of bacon we get!


Then of course, there’s the best brownie ever by Apollo Bay Bakery! But what I haven’t mentioned is that they bake the best scallop pie too!

Nope, sorry. No photos of the scallop pie. I think the conversation went something like this.

Me: Huuunnngrrryyyy!!!! Feed me!

Jake: Just one photo?

Me: Feeeed meeee!!!!

Oh wait. I think that’s the same conversation for all missed photos of food.

Oops =b

But I do remember the scallop pie being really yummy! It’s chock full of scallops with delicious creamy sauce. Definitely a must-try!

Murdering our poor innocent burger

The burger came with the knife stabbed in it. So, of course, we couldn’t resist haha.

Look at how flat the bread is!

Low carb burger from Grill’D! We intended to share the burger to save money and stomach space for other goodies. But it was too yummy. We simply had to get another one! I think this is the photo of the 2nd burger because, um, you know…

Jake’s favourite!

While planning our itinerary for Melbourne city, Jake said “We must go Queen Victoria Market!” Yup, for these goodies! Can’t remember the cost, but definitely much much cheaper than Singapore.

Beef Wellington
Beef Wellington!

On the last night of our trip, we realised we managed to underspend our budget! Happily, we decided to splurge on a beef wellington. Except apparently our order was somehow missed out and we waited over an hour for it.

I hardly noticed the time =D

And that’s it for the MOST AWESOMEST TRIP OF MY LIFE!!!

Jake: Yet =b

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