Loving Life with… Cape Woolamai!

Part 3 of our Melbourne trip… Cape Woolamai!

I bet many of you are thinking where’s Cape Woolamai?

It is the best hiking spot in Phillip Island! So many people I’ve talked to said they went to Phillip Island just for the Penguin Parade.

Woolamai 1
Look at what you are missing out on guys!

Since it was a free-and-easy trip, we didn’t really care how long the hike will take and simply just went.

Woolamai 2
And more amazing views!
It was blazing hot!!!


Woolamai 3
Do you know what you are looking at? =b

Hundreds of Little Penguin footprints in the sand! And those tiny burrows are home to these Little Penguins! Cape Woolamai is on the opposite end of where the parade is held. So I can only imagine the entire island is home to these cute creatures!

Melb 3
One of our better attempts
And of course, the requisite jump shot

If you have the time guys, do consider spending a night here. I believe it’s our cheapest AirBnB on this trip too haha.

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