Loving Life with… Phillip Island!

Part 2 of our Melbourne trip… Phillip Island!

At first I was like, eh it’s just a tourist trap. Then I did more research and based on all the rave reviews I read, it really seemed like a worthwhile trip.

Melb 2
View from The Noobies

When I stepped into the visitor’s centre at The Noobies and saw the magnificent view from the full length window, I practically shrieked.

“Deeeaaarrr!!! Oh my gaawwd!!! Let’s go!!!”

The penguin looks so comfy!!!

From the boardwalk when I can finally tear my gaze away from the awesome view, I saw all these tiny boxes everywhere on the slopes. Then I spotted something in one of the boxes and it’s one of the famed Little Penguins sleeping so soundly in it!

It looks like we were only a few steps away from this cute penguin huh? But the Little Penguins are fiercely protected by the locals. These little houses are actually a significant distance away from the boardwalk. I’m still amazed Jake managed to get such a close up of the penguin! It’s barely a speck of white and black from where we were!

I read that we can actually hike from The Noobies to where the Penguin Parade is held. And it’s supposed to be a super picturesque hike. But it takes 45mins and we really wanted to be early for the parade to secure a good spot. Oh wells.

Credits to Phillip Island Nature Park

We aren’t allowed to take photos once we enter the area for Penguin Parade. See the far far right side of the photo? We were sitting as close to the side as possible as the volunteers told us that’s the best spots to see the penguins. People were actually sitting on the sand, right on the edge of the barriers!

Munching on our chips, we sat there in the cold waiting excitedly for the sun to set for the Little Penguins to appear. Finally at 7pm, one lone penguin appeared! Apparently it’s rare for them to wander around alone. After everyone oohhed and aahhed over the Little Penguin waddling up the beach, we waited another 30mins before the first wave of penguins finally showed.

Credits to Phillip Island Nature Park

The penguins are really tiny! One of them almost wandered into our enclosure accidentally, much to the delight of the visitor sitting right there. Watching them waddling up the slope, falling onto their tummy, then getting up and continue waddling, often multiple times, I’m amazed by their tenacity.

Then we went up where we can see the little penguin houses. Oh my god. Little Penguins everywhere! Where did all these penguins come from? I swear I didn’t see that many waddling up the beach! They were so close that at times if we dared to stick our arm through the barrier, we could touch them! But most of them are a safe distance from touching.

We were definitely one of the last to leave the grounds. In fact, I think ours was the last car to leave the parking lot.

As we were almost exiting the lot, Jake suddenly spotted a few penguins under a tree just by the side of the road. Of course we got down to take a closer look.

“Oy! What are you doing?”

Oops. We beat a hurried, slightly guilty retreat from the ranger.

We weren’t going to harm or even touch the penguins, but of course, the ranger wouldn’t know that.

Nope. Penguin parade definitely isn’t a tourist trap. Worth every single cent! =D

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