Loving Life with… Great Ocean Road!

Part 1 of our Melbourne trip… GOR!

I’ve been dreaming of going Great Ocean Road for years! I know Australia is huge. But somehow GOR just simply strikes something dear in my heart.

Jake, being the great boyfriend he is, said “Let’s go Melbourne for your birthday trip!”

So here we are in our rental car!

Nothing beats having your own car and stopping wherever you fancy on GOR. Everywhere’s so picturesque that every viewing point feels like THE spot!

12 Apostles - WM
Gorgeous sunset at 12 Apostles

At first we included Grampians in our itinerary. How can we go Melbourne without climbing at Grampians? But it’ll mean sacrificing a day or 2 at GOR.

We decided that we should take the chance for me to bask in GOR’s beauty to my heart’s content.

Plus, hey! Now we have an excuse to return! =b

Is that the Milky Way??

We were so lucky that the nights were totally cloudless when we were there! I’ve never seen the sky so full of stars before! Even when I spent a night on a mountain, it’s always full of clouds.

Every night, we’ll take a short walk from our AirBnB and look for a relatively dark spot. Then we’ll lie on the ground and simply gaze in wonder.


Melb - WM
My favourite photo!
Gibson’s Steps hike!

We did a few random hikes in GOR, but this one puzzled us for awhile. The information board says that Gibson’s Steps hike starts here, but it’s a beach?

Gibson's Steps

Oh we are supposed to start the hike on this beach and walk a distance to this stairs to continue the hike. Lol.

Footprints in the sand!

We had fun doing this along the way haha.

Happy birthday to me!

My birthday “cake” is the actually the best brownie I’ve ever had!

I’m not saying it just because it’s my birthday cake. It’s my perfect brownie: Flaky and crispy on the outside, warm and fudgy on the inside… Mmm. This is from Apollo Bay Bakery, a must-go bakery!

And the staff were so nice! Jake asked if they had a candle. They had to dig around for awhile before passing this candle to us. Just as we were going ahead without the flame, one of the staff rushed up to us with a lighter. Mind you, the bakery was bustling busy all this while!

Three words: BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

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