Loving Life with… Pole Dancing (Groove Dance School)!




From the first pole dancing video I watched back in 2012, I wanted so much to learn it. The pole dancers looked so strong, so graceful, so confident. It looked like gymnastics combined with dance on a pole.

And I finally gathered up my courage and registered for my very first class with Groove and never regretted it.



It was my lifesaver. At one of the lowest point in my life, pole dancing saved me. It brought me much-needed joy and laughter. Renee Tan, my favourite pole instructor, is so passionate, so graceful and always so happy! With her bright infectious smiles and friendliness, every single pole class is a joy to attend.


Pole dancing is not easy. It requires strength. Not just arm strength, but more importantly, core strength. And flexibility. And patience. And lots of practice. But the immense sense of satisfaction I got when I finally nailed a few tricks was simply exhilarating.

And my friends! I’ve had many pole classmates come and go over the years, but one thing for sure: we always have fun together!



I swear I was the most inflexible girl in my class when I first started. When Renee said “Ok, let’s do some splits exercises!” during our very first class, my jaws dropped.

Splits?!!? I can’t even bend and touch the ground when I’m standing!

Jade – Forever my favourite pole trick!

And one year later, I’ve finally gotten it! Who says hard work doesn’t pay off?

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know many of the instructors, including those who have never taught my class before. Enthusiastic and passionate can hardly begin to describe every single one of them. And if they happen to be around during pole practice and I’m having problems with a particularly difficult trick, they are all too happy to give me a few pointers =D

My beloved pole friends! =)

All I wanted was to learn a few tricks.

I gained a whole new world instead.

Read my interview with Renee here!

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